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Buy a House… or Ferrari?!

So I was just showing my buyer this house and it's going great, he's loving it. We're probably gonna submit an offer. We're standing out front. We're going over the numbers…. And I see a

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Still a Good Time to Sell?

Hey everybody, welcome to my weekly reel.So today, let's talk about selling your home. A lot of people that were considering selling due to the crazy year and a half that it's been are now having

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Will a Recession Bring Relief for Buyers?

No one wants a recession…but it may bring some relief as far as mortgage rates go! In the last 6️⃣ recessions since the 1980’s, mortgage rates have gone down every time. Does this

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Welcome to my blog! This is my very first post so it won't be pretty or engaging, but I just wanted to welcome you to what will be a tremendously informative blog going forward!See you in a few days

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